Gail Sussman Miller

Gail Sussman Miller, of Inspired Choice, helps companies, executives and their teams increase cultural competence, deepen employee engagement, and boost emotional intelligence which increases retention, reduces conflict and increases collaboration so companies reach better solutions sooner for the greater good.

Gail teaches and models being mission driven to achieve business results.  Gail’s mission is a deep commitment to improving acceptance and appreciation of Self and others in the business world to create conversations and relationships that are more meaningful and more productive.  She inspires high-potential evolving leaders to actively take responsibility for their outcomes and career through mindful, mission-driven action, with special interest in women, minorities and young adults.  She teaches them to more authentically show up, more powerfully speak up, and more deliberately move up so they have greater impact and joy.  Gail’s expertise is influencing an empowering shift in mindset supported by practical new behaviors and habits that leverage natural strengths instead of fixing weaknesses.

Gail comes from a training, marketing and coaching background. She considers herself a ‘mid-life bloomer” Baby Boomer and is a recovering perfectionist. She received her training as a professional coach at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), is certified on the EQi-2.0 emotional intelligence assessment, is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). Prior work experience includes computer job training for visually-impaired adults and 13 years at Andersen Consulting (Accenture) in Marketing, Knowledge Management and Technology Coaching. Gail has been motivating people to step into their potential her whole life and professionally as a coach, trainer and speaker since 2002.